Salesian Sisters 150th Anniversary

A​ Key to Happiness!


T​o celebrate and mark the Salesian Sister's 150th Anniversary; a competition is being run for people to share their thoughts on Sister Mary Mazzarello and The Key to Happiness. The foundress, St. Mary Mazzarello, is a wonderfully inspiring woman who can offer insights into how to be happy today! This  competition is a way for you to get to know her and her ‘Key to Happiness’

Each group is invited to share their insights about St. Mary Mazzarello and her ‘Key to Happiness’ in either; Poetry, Short Video, Tiktok or Art – A4 sized. So submit your entry by the 17th May 2023 to have a chance of winning an AMAZON voucher: 1st prize = £50, 2nd prize = £30, and 3rd prize = £15

T​he competition is broken down in to age categories; 9-11, 12-16, 17-25. Below are some links that will help you to research the extraordinary life of Sister Mary Mazzarello (the younger age group may need some assistance from an adult) and assist you with your special project.

G​ood Luck!

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