Stations of the Cross

Our new Religious Education Curriculum has allowed us to explore new topics andour Year 7 students have spent some time on the topic ‘Desert to Garden’. In this unit, students have been focusing on the ‘Stations of the Cross’.

Students examined different pieces of artwork as part of a homework project, they researched and discussed the artwork, exploring how it represented each station. Students were then asked to create their own interpretation of one of the fifteen stations of the cross that they have studied.

Students were thoughtful and created some fantastic artwork, inspired by the artwork they had seen and discussed and by the different style of work they had explored.

The artwork was exhibited during the evening performance of ‘The Passion’,guests were able to enjoy refreshments following the performance and view the wonderful work of Year 7. Each guest was asked to choose their favorite piece from the exhibition in a silent vote using counters. It was a tough decision, but the favorites were 1st:Abigail, 2nd: Gabriella, 3rd: Ava.

Congratulations to all of the students who took part.



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