Strategise and Win: Chess Club Brings Students Together to Master the Game

Logic and strategy is the name of the game. You can feel the concentration in the room at chess club as students come together to learn the right moves on the board.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the day and Maths is the place. A thriving group of more than 25 players come together to practice.

Chess club is home to students from all year groups with a range of abilities, supported by some of our keen sixth from students. There are regular games and in-house tournaments as well as teams going out to other local schools to take part in competitions.

The club are currently preparing for a tournament they are taking part in at Notre Dame Catholic College in February where we hope to send two teams over to play.

Mr Scott says “This is a great opportunity for students to learn a new skill outside of the classroom, they work together across year groups in a calm and engaging setting and get to show their skill through competitions across the city”

When asked “what does Chess club mean to you?” … in Year .. says “Chess club has helped me make new friends in different years and I love looking up all the different moves you can make in chess, I can’t wait for the competition in a couple of weeks.”

Chess club runs every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch in the maths department for any budding new players.

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