Student Chelsea N’drin Shines in England's Women's Under 15 UEFA Development Tournament 

St. John Bosco is proud to celebrate the remarkable achievement of one of its own, Chelsea N’drin, who recently secured a spot in England's Women's Under 15 UEFA Development Tournament. In a recent interview, Chelsea shared her journey and experiences during this prestigious event. 

Chelsea, a talented footballer who already plays for Merseyside, Liverpool School Girls, expressed her initial shock and joy upon learning about her selection for the tournament. "I didn't really expect to be called up for it, but I was really happy," she said, emphasising her dedication to the sport through her participation in both club and national team activities. 

The tournament, held at Loughborough and St. George's Park, proved to be a thrilling adventure for Chelsea and her new teammates. Staying in a hotel, enjoying room service, and engaging in team-building activities including a round of golf all added a unique flavour to the overall experience. 

Reflecting on the matches, Chelsea beamed with pride as she recounted the victories, including a stunning 10-1 win against Wales, a
4-0 triumph against Greece, and a convincing 6-1 victory over Norway. Chelsea, who plays as a striker scored crucial goals during the tournament. Admitting despite the win, Greece and Norway were tough opponents.

The experience wasn't just about the games but also about building connections with teammates. Chelsea expressed her joy at meeting new people, forming friendships that have endured beyond the tournament. "It felt good meeting new people - We have stayed in touch too," she added.

Chelsea love for the game started at a young age of 3; “Constantly she would be kicking a ball around the house. Always asking her dad to go the astros or the park to play football.” her mother reminisced. Then at 6 she joined her first club, where her passion took full flight. From there she has gone strength to strength, and she successfully gained a place in the academy. 

Balancing academics with a rigorous training schedule, Chelsea credited her mother for her encouragement and emphasised the importance of maintaining a routine. My mum always reminds me to make sure my homework is done before going to training. Despite late nights on training days, she ensures she catches up on rest to stay focused both on the field and in the classroom. 

Looking ahead, Chelsea's aspirations are simple: "Just to try and be better than I was and work harder." She acknowledged the need to improve her pressing skills, a strategic aspect of the game that involves applying pressure on the opposing team. 

Vicky Cheshire, Player Education Coordinator from the FA Group, commended Chelsea's initiative, teamwork, and passion for the game. Commenting,

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Chelsea during her first England camp. She has grown in confidence with her new teammates and the MDT staff. She has displayed excellent manners throughout which has been noticed!” 

Chelsea's mother, reflecting on her daughter's journey, expressed gratitude for the support from friends, family, and the community.  

As Chelsea returns to school and club activities, St. John Bosco extends its heartfelt congratulations to her on this incredible achievement. Chelsea is not just a rising football star but also a testament to the dedication, discipline, and community spirit fostered at our school. We look forward to cheering her on as she continues to make waves in the world of women's football. 

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