Year 10 and the Regeneration Project

Our Year 10 Geographers donned their hard hats and visited a site of local regeneration. Welcomed by the team from Torus and Eric Wright students enjoyed a tour around the new housing development currently under construction.

The students were investigating regeneration and its impact on an area as part of their GCSE Geography course and what better way to learn than to see it in action. Students study a range of elements of Human and Physical Geography throughout the course and regeneration falls within the Human element of the subject.

Students spoke with the team developing the site and discussed the plans, why the area had been selected, the links to the city, jobs and the impact on the environment and a lively discussion took place. Students were able to see the plans for the site and during the tour how developers were preparing the ground for construction.

Mrs Loftus McGinty shared “This was a unique opportunity for our students to see regeneration in action. They were able to see how the project had developed from the planning stage to construction and discuss the impact the regeneration would have on the area and the people living there."

Our thanks go to Torus and Eric Wright for hosting our students and allowing them the opportunity to not only see this work being undertaken but to discuss it and the impact of it.

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