Year 8 Retreats

Retreats are enjoyed by all year groups and offer students some time to reflect, think about the next step in their journey,have fun and spend time together as a form class. Year 8 recently enjoyed their retreats and worked with the team from Animate Youth. Each group was able to spend the day being led through activities by the fantastic team based at Lowe House.

Year 8 were looking at communication. They were reflecting on how they communicate in different situations using both verbal and non-verbal communication. They discussed implications of body language and how they present themselves and their use of language and how that can have an impact on them and their relationships with family and friends. There was a reflection on a passage from Scripture where students were asked to think about their communication with God.

The day also encouraged team building and bonding within forms. This time together as a class is important to encourage support and love for one another. Students also had some fun, they played some games where they had to rely on each other for support and work in teams, allowing them to put into practice all the things they had been discussing throughout the day.

Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator for RE Miss Murphy told us “Year 8 had a brilliant time on retreats, they had time to reflect on their own communication skills and spent time together building relationships and bonding as form classes. These retreats are so important to give students the opportunity to reflect on their faith and the importance of it in their lives.”

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