Young Debaters Shine in Urban Debate Competition

In a testament to their prowess and eloquence, young debaters from across the city showcased their skills in the second round of the Urban Debate competition. The event, which saw participation from nine schools, unfolded into a riveting evening of intellectual exchange and spirited discourse.

Amidst the bustling atmosphere, it was evident that the girls had prepared meticulously for their debates. Despite facing off against older and more seasoned opponents, their confidence remained unshaken as they articulated their arguments with conviction and finesse.

A total of three squads emerged victorious, each securing at least one win in their respective competitions. Their triumph not only underscored their dedication but also highlighted the depth of talent among the participants.

The competition not only served as a platform for honing debating skills but also fostered camaraderie and mutual respect among the participants. It was a celebration of intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of excellence in rhetoric.

As the applause echoed through the classroom, it became clear that these young debaters are not just competitors but ambassadors of articulate discourse and reasoned argumentation. Their performance serves as an inspiration to aspiring debaters and a testament to the power of youth voice in shaping our collective dialogue.

As the Urban Debate competition continues to unfold, anticipation brews for the next round, where these young talents are poised to once again take centre stage and captivate audiences with their wit and insight.

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