Curriculum Intent

An enthusiastic, highly motivated and well-resourced department. Offering an academic A-level at KS5. It is an exciting and varied subject which will open student’s minds to a range of theories and crimes within such a colossal field of study.

Students will be supported throughout the two years of study and beyond to ensure they reach their full potential and expose them up to new skills and careers.

Department Staff 

Mrs J Donnelly - Subject leader of psychology, sociology and criminology

Curriculum Content

Year 12

Term 1: Changing awareness of crime and completing your controlled assessment.
Term 2: Criminological theories, an exam based unit.
Term 3: You will begin your A Level content starting crime scene to court room.

Year 13

Term 1: You will begin the term completing crime scene to court room and completing your controlled assessment.

Term 2: The final term for learning crime and punishment.
Term 3: This term will be used for revising and preparing for your final A Level exam.

Department Courses

Level 3 applied certificate and diploma – this course consists of one controlled assessment and one exam per year. You will be expected to complete lots of independent research and learning.

Exam Board


Useful Links


Recommended Reading

The Law Review
Criminology - Tim Newman
Closing Ranks - Leroy Logan
Homicide - David Simon
The Secret Barrister - The Secret Barrister
The Rule of Law - Tom Bingham
Eve was Framed - Helena Kennedy
Chasing the Storm - Johann Han
The Blood of Emmett Till - Timothy B. Tyson
Are Prisons Obsolete - Angela Y. Davis
Forensics The Anatomy of Crime - Val McDermid
Gomorrah - Roberto Saviano
The Executioner's Song - Norman Mailer
In Cold Blood - Truman Capote
The Radium Girls - Kate Moore


Students are introduced into a wide range of extra curricular activities and information. They are expected to read around the subject and follow the school twitter account which gives further help, support and extra reading with curriculum links. We are currently looking into taking students on trips in the UK and abroad.

Additional Information

If you require any help or support please visit the department, located in the 6th form centre.

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