Food Technology

Department Description / Curriculum Intent

  • To develop students food knowledge of hospitality and catering.
  • To develop students ability to use and apply practical and written skills
  • To give students the opportunity to apply their practical knowledge and understanding
  • To provide opportunities for all students to perform to the best of their ability (Stretch and Challenge)
  • To ensure the curriculum meets the needs of all individuals (Differentiation)
  • To develop teaching and learning strategies to maximise student progress
  • Experience practical work to develop dishes
  • Explore food from other cultures and apply this knowledge to planning dishes.

  • Department Staff

    Mrs K Gauden: Teacher of Food
    Mrs B Barton: Teacher of Textiles and Food
    Mr E Cassidy: Teacher of Food/Deputy head teacher

    Curriculum Content

    Year 7

    Rotation one: September to February

    Rotation two: February to July

    Topic: Health and safety in Food Technology

    Within Food Technology, students will be taught; health and safety, types of cooking methods and techniques. Students will take part in 9 different practical lesson: Fruit salad, wedges and BBQ sauce, tomato pasta, quesadilla, scones, vegetable stir-fry, fajitas with salsa, garlic bread and pizza.

    Year 8

    Rotation one: September to February

    Rotation two: February to July

    Topic: International cuisine

    Within Food Technology, They will investigate different food from around the world, taste testing and planning different dishes.

    Through practical lessons, students will be taught about the different cooking methods used in other cultures. They will make 9 different dishes from around eth world: Spaghetti Bolognese, marble cake, chicken tikka masala, jam roly-poly, sweet and sour chicken, jam tarts, beef tacos, chocolate brownies and their choice of dish. 

    Year 9

    Two six-week projects.

    Topic: Takeaway food

    Students will be taught about the different types of hospitality and catering provisions. They will explore takeaway foods, making different types of dishes: Crispy chicken bites with BBQ sauce, beef tacos, white chocolate and raspberry muffins, salt and pepper chicken and beef burgers. Students will also plan and make their own dish as well as their own takeaway packaging.

    Curriculum Content

    WJEC Hospitality and catering level 1/2

    Year 10

    Students will be taught the course content and will sit the unit 1 written exam at the end of year 10. Students will have the opportunity to re sit the exam in year 11. Alongside the written lessons, students will take part in a number of practical lesson to develop skills for unit 2.

    Term one:

    LO1: Understand the environment in which hospitality and catering operates.
    LO2: Understand how hospitality and catering provision operates.

    Term two

    LO3: Understand how hospitality and catering provision meets health and safety requirements.
    LO4: Know how food can cause ill health.

    Term three

    LO5: Be able to propose a hospitality and catering provision to meet specific requirements.

    Year 11

    Topic: Unit 2 Controlled assessment.

    Term one

    Students will work through the subject content for unit 2.

    LO1: Nutritional content.
    LO2: Menu planning.

    Term two

    Students will work through unit 2 completing a written task and cooking controlled assessment.

    Term three

    Written exam preparation.

    Assessment: Unit 1 Exam re-sit June 

    Exam Board

    WJEC (KS4)

    Useful Links

    WJEC digital resources


    Revision sessions weekly for key stage 4 students