Travel and Tourism

Curriculum Intent

The Travel and Tourism department aims to provide our students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for a popular and expanding employment sector. We aim to ensure that all our students can go out into the world of work with the attributes necessary to be a success. To achieve our aims we ensure we provide a curriculum that meets the needs of all our learners and set the highest standards and expectations. We encourage all our students to be the best that they can be.

Department Staff and Roles

Ian Martin – Subject Leader
Lynnsey Crowley – Teacher of Travel and Tourism

Curriculum Content

Year 10

Term 1
Component 3
This is an internally assessed coursework unit. Students will investigate the different types of market research that travel and tourism organisations may use.They will also explore how this information is used to meet customer needs. Students will also develop their understanding of the different trends within the travel and tourism sector and how this can impact travel and tourism organisations. Students will also develop their understanding of the different needs and preferences customers may have and investigate ways that organisations go about meeting these needs.

Term 2
Component 3 continued

Term 3
Component 1 (Assignment 1)
This is an internally assessed coursework unit.Students will cover the different types of travel and tourism organisations and explore the ownership and aims of these businesses.Students will also develop their understanding of how these organisations work together. Students will explore the types of tourism and tourism destinations as well as the reasons for travel, types of holiday and types of accommodation.

Year 11

Term 1
Component 2
This is an externally assessed exam unit. Students will develop their knowledge and understanding of the factors influencing travel and tourism organisations, destinations, visitors and the potential impacts of tourism on destinations and sustainable tourism.Students will also be able to analyse information in order to make recommendations on how to manage tourism in global destinations.

Term 2
Component 1 (completed)

Department Courses

BTEC Tech Award Level 1/2 in Travel and Tourism

Exam Board


Useful Links

Pearson Travel and Tourism


Additional support is offered throughout the year to help the students complete their internally assessed units and to prepare for external assessments.